Entrepreneurship Rankings By Country And States

Shopify has launched the Shopify Entrepreneurship Index, which ranks the 40 top countries, and the 50 US states, based on their economic impact, measured by the job growth, GDP and business activity of millions of entrepreneurs within its ecosystem.


The U.S. topped the Index, with a 11% rise in the number of jobs since 2021. Delaware ranked first, Wyoming was second and California ranked third.

The rural entrepreneurship is particularly strong in the U.S.: According to the Index, nearly one-third of Shopify business owners are choosing to build their companies outside of major cities. They do this because of the lower cost of living as well as government incentives.

The European entrepreneurial spirit has shown resilience despite the unpredictability of the macroeconomic climate and the conflict in Ukraine. The Index’s Top Ten Ranking includes three Eastern European nations: Lithuania (2nd), Romania (3rd) and Czech Republic (5th). The Shopify entrepreneurial scene in Europe is moving from West to East.

Top 12 States

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New York


Top Twelve Countries

United States



United Kingdom

Czech Republic




Hong Kong SAR




The Superpowers And Impact Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are what drives the economy forward. Create jobs. The community is anchored by them. “They have a positive impact on communities that extends far beyond the business they run,” Harley Finkelstein said, Shopify’s President.

Shopify Entrepreneurship Index: “Previously there was not enough data available to showcase the power and impact of entrepreneurialism. This is why we are launching this index.” We want to provide decision-makers with the information they need in order to lower barriers to entrepreneurship and increase accessibility to all.

This new report is a useful resource for academics, business leaders, and policymakers who seek data about the growing phenomenon of digitally enabled entrepreneurs, said Gary Dushnitsky. Associate Professor at London Business School.

This initiative has many advantages. It is important to release the quarterly reports, because they reflect the nature of dynamic entrepreneurship. This will allow us to track trends and gain valuable insights about the current state of entrepreneurs”

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